Thursday, 6 December 2007

Gymnast King impresses in Beijing

A 16-year-old gymnast from Cambridgeshire is celebrating after claiming a medal at the dress rehearsal for next year’s Olympic Games.

Marissa King, from Huntingdon, won bronze in the vault event at the competition in Beijing.

She was there to test out the venue and other facilities for the 2008 Games, alongside other top gymnasts from around the world.

Marissa, who is competing as a senior gymnast for the first time this year, was the only British athlete to take part in the Test Event.

Experts think her surprise success, behind triple world champion Cheng Fei of China, puts her in a great position to win a place in the final next year.

Triple threat

Here are three names you won’t forget: Romeo, Venus and Angel Romaeo.

The siblings, aged between 10 and 12, are part of a talented sporting family from Penarth in South Wales.

Older brother Romeo, 12, is an up-and-coming boxing star – so good, he’s already being compared to the great Joe Calzaghe.

Meanwhile, sisters Venus and Angel are both British Gymnastics champions in their respective age groups.

Venus, 11, has been chosen to feature in a BBC documentary series about young athletes aiming for the 2012 Games.

Her little sister Angel, 10, will be too young to compete in London but is looking good for 2016 after dominating the national championships in November.

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